Google cleaning and reputation management on the Internet

Search engine cleaning – What is it and how do you do it?

Today I will try to explain what Google cleaning, or search engine cleaning is and why it is often important to do it. I will also give tips on what you can do to get as good control of your name or your company on the Internet and especially in Google. It can often mean a lot if you have control over the search hits for your name at Google or if you do not have it.

My name is Petter Hedman and I’m currently living in Tenerife, but will move home to Falun this summer. I have had Internet, SEO and to some extent search engine cleaning both as my work, but also as my hobby for many years. It is a bit of a poison many times to rank sites high in Google whether it is regular search engine optimization or whether it is Google cleaning. I like to create websites that earn money for both myself and customers. Right now I write a lot on my site about beard care.

Regular SEO and Google cleanup are slightly different

When performing ‘normal’ search engine optimization, SEO, you often work for a specific site to rank high in Google’s search results for a specific keyword or search term. You work inside the site, creating good structure, targeting the site for the right keywords, creating good and informative texts, and reviewing the technical details of the site, so that it will be as good and fast as possible.

All so that Google and the visitors who come to the site will experience it as good as possible. Of course, you also work outside the site to create buzz and links so that the site will gain as much power and reputation as possible. Everything to create as good a site as possible.

Links are often a bit taboo to talk about when it comes to SEO, but they are not needed whether you want them or not. If you say otherwise, try to rank a site in tough segments without them, and you will see that it is completely impossible to take the best positions without obtaining links at all. The purpose of many pages is to earn money online.

Search engine cleaning

When you work with Google cleaning, you try to push away other sites and perhaps lift several sites in a certain segment, not just one site, as is often the case when working with “regular” SEO. The focus is usually to lift a specific site while also checking the other places in the search results with free blogs, other sites and own sites to preferably fill out all the placements on the first page of Google for the keyword.

If you have a bad past or have been attacked by a lot of bad publicity, which you do not want to appear in the search results of Google, search engine cleaning is a good option to try to get control of the image that you want Google to show when you do a specific search on Google.

New companies should definitely work on forms of reputation management

If you have a newly started company, you should absolutely ensure that you “own” your brand and preferably the entire first page on Google for your company name and perhaps even your most important products. It is a solid work you need to put down if you are to do this, but I usually recommend that you register more domain extensions than just .se, when creating your business site.

Buy .nu .org. .com when you still buy your domain for your business name. Then you can put up simple websites on the other domains, which you do not have as your main domain and thus get more sites in your own company name and these will probably be able to take a few positions in the segment you want.

Also make sure to create free sites with your company name, such as blogger, and other places, which can help you in your work to be visible on your company name.

Strong sites have priority with Google

As you probably know, strong, old and well-maintained sites with power have priority at Google. They have more power so to speak and often rank better than brand new sites regardless of whether they are exact match domains or not. Your work with your sites will therefore be to build them up, so they become strong, secure and powerful so they can take those coveted positions on that you so desperately want. New sites in tough segments such as flights or rental cars have to work long hours to appear in this tough search result.

There are a few shortcuts you can take when ranking on Google. There are released sites, which people and companies have not extended and these domains can be bought and they already have power in them if they are well managed by those who have owned them before. If they have been active in the same niche you work in, then you have the advantage of these and can advantageously use these in your reputation managment and your Google cleanup.

As you can see, there are several paths to take and if you have time and money, you can use the different paths at the same time. You should obviously know what you are doing and should not throw yourself out and work with this if you are unsure of what you are doing and then it is best to hire a person or a company that knows how to best approach this.

Some final tips for your reputation management

  • Create free blogs in your name
  • Buy multiple domains with the name you want to be visible.
  • Work with incoming links to strengthen the sites you own.
  • Highlight other positive sites where you are mentioned.
  • Working with press releases from strong sites
  • Use Twitter and Facebook in your name
  • Use Youtube
  • Get mentioned on other sites
  • If you use an external company or person, make sure that they really know their business.

These were the tips and advice offered today in this post about search engine cleaning and reputation management. I hope you got some meat on your bones in your work to create a good search result for you and your business.

Thanks to Adam for allowing me to write here on his site about this exciting topic.

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