Get rid of unwanted search results on Google

Are there negative search results ranking high on Google about you or your business?

Whatever the reason for the negative results, my team and I can help you with reputation management by building positive results about you and your business instead.

How do negative search results affect me?

How often do you think employers Google your name before inviting you for an interview? Or that customers Google your company or brand before deciding to do business with you?

In today’s society, many people experience negative publicity online and most people don’t realize the impact it has on their lives until they lose job offers or potential customers for their business. Just because you’ve received bad publicity online doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. It could be competitors writing negative reviews, unhappy customers, people who have something against you as a person or even journalists bending the truth to make a story worth reading.

What is reputation management and why is it important?

Online reputation management or Google cleaning is about controlling and influencing what appears when someone Googles you or your business. The work involves ranking positive content to the top of the search results and pushing unwanted content (negative or irrelevant) further down to ensure that when someone Googles you or your business, the results contain positive and relevant information about you.

Whether you’re a CEO with bad press, a job seeker with a dark past, or a small business struggling with reviews, you can get help with reputation management. Find out why reputation management (Google cleanup) is important for both businesses and individuals anytime.

For businesses, a good reputation is very valuable. When customers want to learn more about another person or company, Google is the first place they turn to. Over 40 million searches are made on Google every day in Sweden and the majority of potential customers Google the company before buying, and many choose not to do so based on negative reviews. Do you as a company or individual need help with reputation management? Contact me here for a quote request

As an individual, Google cleaning or online reputation management is essential to achieve your career goals. Many employers use Google before scheduling interviews with you. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make a good impression when someone Googles you.

There are many situations in your life where your online reputation is important. The way things are going, it will become even more important in the future, as seen in larger countries such as the US. The need for a good reputation can arise at any time.

Why reputation management is important in practice

Have you experienced negative results on Google? – Then we can help you!

Unfortunately, the majority of the clients we help have already reached this point. If the damage has already been done, you have an uphill battle and the work will be much more extensive. How many customers do you think have chosen not to buy from you because of poor online reputation?

A bad online reputation has serious consequences and you risk losing major clients or business customers. Even if the rumors aren’t true, companies don’t want to be associated with you because they risk getting into trouble themselves. The same behavior applies to private customers who are thinking of buying from a new website, they will Google the company first and if you have a bad reputation online they will not choose you, they will choose your competitors instead.

You can expect that Google cleaning requires a long-term solution. This requires a more comprehensive and in-depth search engine optimization. To get rid of the negative results, we build up 10 other neutral or positive results that push down the negative ones, which requires intensive work over a longer period. My team and I know what it takes in these situations, and we work with you to develop a plan that not only repairs your damaged reputation, but makes it stronger than before.

Executive Reputation Protection - for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and VIPs makes it stronger than before.

My team secures your career and protects you from negative publicity, making sure every collaboration or deal goes through. Don’t let Google and social media stand in the way of a successful deal.

Private Reputation Protection - Protecting you as a private individual

My team and I ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your career and build your personal brand. We protect you from embarrassing photos posted by your friend, negative comments associated with you, and build positive and relevant results about you on Google.