Build yourself or your brand online

Do you have a brand that is not visible online? Do you want to build yourself up online?

Many people get worried when they hear that people have searched for them or their brand online – change that by taking control of what is visible!

How can I influence my brand online?

When you have exposed your brand through advertising through different channels, you have only reached the top of a customer’s mind. The next step is when the customer becomes curious and wants to find out more about your company. What does the customer do then? They Google you and your brand.

Many businesses want the information about them to be accurate. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always match what appears on Google.

Based on the information you convey and communicate to customers, you give an impression of what kind of company you are. Are there only relevant and positive results in the first 10 hits on Google, or are there some negative and irrelevant hits that the customer sees?

If you know that you can improve your brand on Google, I advise you to do so. If you don’t get control of your results, you will lose customers along the way. It is your job to capture all potential customers.

Use Google to your advantage – build your brand online

When potential customers Google you or your business, you want them to have a positive impression of what they find. Here you can use Google to your advantage, if you control what appears in the search results.

Power over results gives you power over information. Power over information influences people’s thoughts about you. Does it say your company is the best in the industry, a leader in a particular product, or have you achieved something prestigious that you want to showcase? Choose what you want to convey and communicate and we’ll make sure to rank it.

To have a well-functioning company, you also need a strong brand, but what characterizes a strong brand? A strong brand should stimulate the behavior that you want the customer to react to and perform – a brand that makes the customer buy your product or service.

Training video to protect and build your brand online

How can I control which results about my business appear on Google?

To manage this, you need a clear purpose and a good strategy and smart implementation.

This is difficult to do by yourself, as it requires a lot of technical skills but also time. To get the results you’re looking for, you need expert help from those who can.

My team and I can help you build a strong online brand through specific strategies such as SEO and web production. In this way, we work out positive and relevant information that you want to convey and communicate to your customers.