What prevents your own development?

Being a salesperson is one of the most mentally stressful jobs. Regardless of their level, all salespeople have different internal obstacles that stand in the way of their success. Although the conditions may be different, the feeling of resistance is the same. You feel resistance every time you should do something, so you tend to avoid it and make excuses instead.

The resistance that all salespeople face on a daily basis is making contact with people, whether they are private individuals or the CEO of a company. At the same time, it is also the case that the salesperson likes to talk to people (otherwise they have chosen the wrong profession). Then the question arises, why do you feel resistance to something that you really want or should do?

The answer is the ego. When the ego is in control, it wants to be in control of everything, it wants to know what will happen and it wants to preserve all the pride that you had and showed with previous people and for yourself. The problem is that you can’t control everything, you can’t know what’s going to happen and if you want to get anywhere in life you have to risk your pride to have a chance to grow. Your comfort zone is your limitation, your convenience, your ego. When you struggle to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, like talking to a new person, you feel the resistance. The greater the resistance, the more you avoid it.

How to overcome the resistance?

Action is the key to being free of all forms of resistance. Action creates energy, and that energy spreads to customers and colleagues and creates sales. If you avoid action instead, it often leads to a negative spiral and you become paralyzed.

If you want to read more about resistance and how to overcome it, I highly recommend the book “the war of art” by Steven Pressfield.

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