What is important right now?

This is a question I have started to ask myself more and more often. When everyone is too busy playing Pokemon Go, or watching their “friends” play Pokemon Go on their Facebook feeds, we never have the time to ask that question. Because it’s time you’re always talking about. Too busy getting to the future, too caught up in their little life story to appreciate the present. Because it’s the present that’s important. You live now, there has never been a time when you didn’t live now, and you will always live now until one day you stop breathing. If you distract yourself on social media, give in to addictions and think too much about what someone did to you 5 minutes ago or 5 years ago, you will be stuck in a vicious cycle of uncomfortable boredom and will never be free of negative thoughts.

90% of your thoughts are repetitive, often negative and many times meaningless. Despite this, you spend most of your waking hours thinking about small problems, problems that have happened or might happen or never happen. Today we listen far too much to what our thoughts tell us and we believe them blindly. How many times has it happened that you said a negative comment silently to yourself, and because no one heard you and said “no, that’s not true” you assume that you are right, you are ugly, fat and stupid.

Next time a negative thought comes up, try to become aware of it, and ask yourself “is this really a problem worth worrying about?”. Don’t take yourself so damn seriously, no one else does. You may think the whole world is staring at you when you get on the bus. But believe me, they are too busy with their own problems, their “life story” because they are not living and appreciating the present. They are too busy changing songs, checking Facebook or playing Pokemon Go.

So next time you’re sitting there feeling bored, why not put your phone away, look up, and appreciate your surroundings just for now?

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