SEO in Gothenburg & the rest of Sweden

Is your website not at the top of the search engines? Do your competitors rank higher than you in the search results?

Using SEO, my team can perform a keyword analysis of your website, my team can help you find the most effective keywords and implement them for you so that your website ranks at the top of the search engines!

Do I need to hire a company to fix my search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires some technical knowledge when it comes to performing analysis and finding the right keywords for your website. It is not impossible to do it on your own but it quickly becomes time consuming, especially if you want to rank high in the search engines.

To maximize your visibility on the major search engines like Google and Bing and to outrank your competitors, you need an SEO partner or agency that can work non-stop on your keywords and keep track of how they rank. Me and my team are based in Kalmar and are specialists in SEO. We help customers all over Sweden, but if you are based in a nearby area, it is of course possible to come in for a meeting.

Our SEO services in Kalmar, Gothenburg and all of Sweden

We are proud to have a dedicated team of SEO experts in Kalmar, Gothenburg and the rest of Sweden. Our experienced team has a solid knowledge of the latest trends in search engine optimization and can help your business reach the top of the search results no matter where you are located.

Our services include:

Analysis: We always start with a thorough analysis of your website and your competition. This helps us identify the areas that need improvement and create a customized SEO strategy for your business.

Action Plan: Based on our analysis, we create a detailed action plan that includes recommendations for on-page and technical SEO, link building, and other strategies that will improve your website’s visibility.

Reporting: We continuously monitor your site’s performance and provide regular reporting so you can see how your site is performing in the search results.


What is keyword optimization (SEO) and why is it important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) means working with keywords that are relevant to your website to make it rank higher in search engines such as Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of digital marketing and online presence in today’s digital age. By using the right SEO techniques, your business can increase its visibility on search engine result lists and thus reach a wider audience.

There are about 55+ million searches per day on Google in Sweden alone. Being searchable can be the difference between your business growing or stagnating due to competition. We have seen that there is search volume in virtually every industry we work with.

The same goes for a skincare salon in Gothenburg, for example. Even if there are fewer searches for specific local keywords, it is still very important that those who search find the salon. For example, if you perform Bathroom renovation in Gothenburg, each job means a fairly large turnover, getting a few extra jobs by having an optimized website can be what separates a company with profit instead of loss.

It is widely known that search engine optimization has the highest return of investment (ROI) in Internet marketing. When working with the right search engine optimization strategies, it is common for customer traffic to increase quite significantly. It can be 200-300% or more within 1-2 years. This without having to allocate too much of your budget to SEO alone.

Keyword analysis

To get the right expectations and goals for the work, we always start with a keyword analysis. Here we can identify the keywords that are relevant to you and your business. The keywords can have extremely high competition or low competition.

The most important thing is to find relevant keywords for the entire website and not just keywords for a specific product or part of the website, as the purpose is to increase the visibility of the entire website using the keywords.


To get a high ranking in the search engines, it is important to work on your on-page.

On-page work means helping the search engines to understand what the website is about. This is done by optimizing the website’s content such as: images, headlines, texts and other things that may be relevant to the search engines.

Some important factors in on-page SEO include:

Keyword optimization: Using relevant keywords and phrases on the web page is crucial. This means including keywords in headlines, body text, meta descriptions and captions in a natural way.

Quality content: Providing high quality and relevant content is essential to engage visitors and increase your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines.

Fast page speed: A fast loading time is important for both user experience and SEO. Slow web pages can lead to higher bounce rates and lower rankings in search results.

Optimized URL structure: Having a clear and easy-to-understand URL structure makes it easier for both visitors and search engines to navigate the website.

We offer hands-on work regarding On-page, but also act as advisors for the parts you want and can do yourself.


Off-Page SEO: Link building

Off-page SEO is about creating a strong website authority by building links from other high-quality websites to your own. This is one of the most challenging and long-term parts of SEO, but is also what will be one of the most important factors in getting you 1st on Google.

Domain trust in Link Building for SEO: importance and significance

Domain trust, also known as domain authority, is an important aspect of link building that has great importance for search engine optimization (SEO). It represents how much trust and authority a website has in the eyes of search engines like Google. Here we will explore the importance of domain trust and why it is important in SEO.

The importance of Domain Trust:

Ranking factor: Domain trust is one of the many factors that affect how well a website ranks in search results. The higher a website’s domain trust, the more likely it is to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Quality and reliability: A high domain trust indicates that the website is of high quality and reliable. It signals to search engines that the website provides valuable content and has authority in its subject area.

Competitive advantage: Building domain trust gives your website a competitive advantage. It can help you outrank your competitors in search results and attract more visitors to your site.

Credibility and Trustworthiness: Websites with high domain trust are seen as credible and reliable by users. This increases the likelihood of visitors staying longer and interacting with your website.

We have the resources and contacts to help you build stronger domain trust and have extensive experience in link building.

How can you measure results from keyword optimization?

One of the biggest advantages of search engine optimization is that it can be measured. In the past, it was very common to advertise in newspapers and other advertising sites but you did not really know what you got for the money because it was difficult to know how many people had actually read your ad in the newspaper.

The difference today is that you can measure pretty much anything you want if you put in the effort. With the help of Google Analytics, you can find out, for example, how many people visit your website, where they come from, how long they have stayed on your website, which subpage they prefer to look at and what percentage buy from you and what percentage go back to the Google search results. You get this information when you work with an SEO company.

Another important metric you get from an SEO company is ranking reports. Ranking reports give you all the information about how you currently rank for different keywords. You can also get information on how your competitors are ranking. All this information allows you to set realistic goals for what you want to achieve in terms of visitor numbers and turnover.

Frequently asked questions and answers on SEO

How long does it take before I see results from SEO?

It can vary depending on the competitive situation and how much work needs to be done on your website. It usually takes a few months before you see significant results.

Both on-page and off-page optimization are important. They complement each other to improve your website’s visibility in search results.

You can do some SEO yourself, but it can be a complex task that requires time and expertise. Hiring an experienced agency can help you maximize your results.

Google updates can affect your website’s ranking and visibility. An experienced SEO agency can help you adapt to these updates and continue to improve your website’s performance.

Domain trust is measured by various SEO tools, including Majestic trust flow and Ahrefs’ Domain Rating. These tools use complex algorithms that take into account factors such as backlinks, quality of the links, and overall site performance.

You can increase domain trust by creating high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites, producing valuable content, optimizing your website for speed and ease of use, and avoiding spam and malicious links. This is what we can help you with.

Increasing domain trust takes time and is a long-term process. It typically takes months of continuous work to build the trust needed to out-compete your peers. Consistency and a sustainable link building strategy are key.

Google and other search engines advise against buying links, but at the same time, linking is one of the most important ranking factors and if you want to beat the competition, you need a linking strategy. Moreover, the risks are low since the latest update, which reads:Penguin 4.0 differs from previous versions of Penguin because it does not devalue a website when it finds bad links. Instead, it disregards them and they no longer count towards the site’s ranking. As a result, there is less need to use the disavow file. (source

In other words, if you get good links, it has an effect, if you get bad ones, you get no effect.

In summary, domain trust is a crucial factor in SEO that affects how your website ranks and how users perceive it. Working on increasing domain trust is an investment in the long-term success and trustworthiness of your website online.