Gambling companies can now advertise on Google Ads

Google has until recently been silent about advertising for gaming companies on Google’s platforms after the introduction of the Swedish gaming license. The launch is now imminent.

Google has recently released information regarding Gambling advertising in Sweden. As of April 29, 2019, gambling companies with a Swedish gambling license will be able to apply for a Google certificate for gambling (casino and sports betting) that makes it possible to advertise through Google Ads platforms (Google Display network, search network and Youtube).

One change that will have a major impact is that affiliates will not be allowed to advertise through Google Ads in Sweden. This means that the operators will “only” fight against each other in Sweden, unlike other markets where advertising is allowed.

Google estimates that the application process for a Gambling Certificate will take 2-4 days from when you as an advertiser fill out the form that opens on April 29. It will be possible to apply for multiple URLs and accounts in the same form. The form will be accessed via the following link: Apply for a gambling certificate

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