What is important right now?

This is a question I have started to ask myself more and more often. When everyone is too busy playing Pokemon Go, or watching their “friends” play Pokemon Go on their Facebook feeds, we never have the time to ask that question. Because it’s time you’re always talking about. Too busy getting to the future, […]

What prevents your own development?

Being a salesperson is one of the most mentally stressful jobs. Regardless of their level, all salespeople have different internal obstacles that stand in the way of their success. Although the conditions may be different, the feeling of resistance is the same. You feel resistance every time you should do something, so you tend to […]

How to become a better salesperson?

There are many ways to become a better salesperson. In my opinion you have sales in you, some are just better than others at bringing it out. People often ask me “What do you really say that makes you sell” It’s crazy that there are so many people who still can’t see the whole depth. […]


If you listen to most sales coaches today, they often agree that the best sales methodology consists of a good needs analysis and asking a lot of questions, especially open questions that make the customer talk a lot. What they forget to mention is that there is a paradox. What often happens when you only […]