Remove search results from Google

My team and I use several different strategies to help clients with Google cleanup. One of the most effective methods my team has developed is to completely remove unwanted Google results, something we are the only ones to offer.

Get a hit result de-indexed from Google

My team of specialists can de-index or, in some cases, completely remove hit results linked to a search term. The search term could be your name, or your company name, for example.

Some jobs are more demanding than others, in other words, some domains require more work. We have worked with most domains in Sweden, and have an elaborate strategy for handling them in an efficient way. In addition to working to remove a negative hit result, other reputation management strategies should also be used.

Executive Reputation Protection - for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and VIPs

My team secures your career and protects you from negative publicity, making sure every collaboration or deal goes through. Don’t let Google and social media stand in the way of a successful deal.

Private Reputation Protection - Skydda dig som privatperson

My team and I ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your career and build your personal brand. We protect you from embarrassing photos posted by your friend, negative comments associated with you, and build positive and relevant results about you on Google.