Who is Adam Wiberg?

A person with great will and drive. I got where I am because of hard work, cunning and high ambitions. Those who know me personally know that I am extremely competitive and won’t stop until I win. I stand by my words and am loyal, both at work and in my personal life.

My professional skills

I started my career in sales in 2011 in the telecom industry, working as a salesperson for Telia’s entire product portfolio for about 4 years. I also worked as a sales consultant and trained salespeople. As a merit, I was nominated for salesperson of the year 3 times, and won 1 time.

After some time, I felt it was time to evolve and go outside my comfort zone. There wasn’t much more to learn, so I looked for something more meaningful and a longer-term career.

In 2014 I started working with internet marketing at Searchminds Group in Kalmar. I started as a salesperson and quickly advanced to sales manager and finally became a partner in the company. During this time I have been in charge of everything from budgeting, sales scripts, marketing, recruitment to pricing and contract terms for our clients. In total, I have spent over 10,000 hours in sales.

Who am I as a person?

As a person, I am outgoing, social and attentive, while being very analytical. Initially, I was basically an introvert, but after all the thousands of clients and people I’ve met, I developed traits that characterize an extroverted personality. High EQ- Emotional Intelligence, ability to understand how people think and behave. Have an ability to get people to trust me, and to do what I want (which is often right). If you have read this far, you have probably figured out that I have high self-esteem, but at the same time I also have high self-insight, which is an unbeatable combination. I invest a lot in personal development, both my mental and physical health is important to do a good job and be satisfied with life.